Booking Your Trip

Want a free Wadadli Cats t-shirt? Just book a cruise using our online form below, we’ll make a note of it and have your t-shirt waiting for you on board. It’s that simple. Please note this offer does not apply to sunset cruises or special charters. Alternatively, contact your tour or beach representative. Sorry no free t-shirt given with indirect bookings.

Cruise Schedule & Prices

  • Tuesdays ~ Circumnavigation, US$110
  • Wednesdays ~ Cades Reef Cruise, US$95
  • Wednesdays ~ Circumnavigation, US$110
  • Thursdays ~ Circumnavigation, US$110
  • Fridays ~ Bird Island & Kayak Eco Tour, US$110
  • Saturdays ~ Circumnavigation, US$110

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